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Why Iridology Is Great

Iridology is more than a diagnosis and if you know how you got sick then you know how to keep yourself well. What is important is the path you can take to wellness, and what you need to know on how to maintain it.

It is simply an analytical process used as a diagnostic technique to compliment a trained iridologist with information about the root cause of ailments, strengths and weaknesses of all organ systems and tissues within the body as well as genetic inherited disease patterns, so it provides information about the overall state of health. It also provides information about the status of vital processes in the body. By vital processes we mean both disease causing e.g. (poor waste clearance) and blood circulation. It allows the practitioner to detect signs of biochemical and physiological needs and changes in the body before systems of disease appear.

Iridology thus provides the Iridologist with a basic framework to describe the pathway of an illness or disease and to explain the cause of past or future disease processes .In this way it can help you to understand your basic health issues and enlighten you about improving your health as well as taking preventative measures to a positive heath portfolio.

If you eat sensibly (according to your blood type ),exercise moderately, give up harmful habits like smoking and excessive drinking and manage your stress levels and have Natural Healing Treatments like Massage ,Reflexology, Foot Detox(mineralizer) you are most probably able to live a longer and healthier life.

Positive factors may also tell us something about our path in life, what work we are most suited to, and what we are looking in our relationships, and how we seek satisfaction. All these factors are vital in determining what changes we need to make in order to reverse ill health. If you listen to your symptoms and are aware of their significance, you can make the necessary adjustment.

Iridology is one of a few disciplines that uses the eye in a diagnostic capacity and is now well established as a complementary health discipline in many countries .Due to its special characteristics, it has the potential to cross several boundaries specified by the modern insistence upon "evidence-based’ science. From medical based school of thought to a naturopaths approach, iridology has something to offer to anyone who is interested in discovering the underlying dynamics of health and disease.

The study of the iris has also invaded the realm of the psyche. There are the beginnings of an energetic theory of health and disease linked to individual psychological and emotional experience, in which the focus of a holistic analysis of the multidimensional field of human analysis.

What Iridology Is Not?

Iridology is not a treatment or therapy but a diagnostic tool used to decide appropriate treatment.

  • Iridology does not diagnose disease.
  • Does not show evidence of organs removed from surgery.
  • Does not reveal pregnancy.
  • It is not a psychic or spiritual analysis.
  • Does not show gender or age.
  • Cannot predict life span or predict impending death.

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