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Indian Head Massage


Indian Head massage, is based on the traditional form of Champi , an Indian word denoting a particular massage technique. Head Massage is a common place in India and has been passed through generations after generations for thousands of years. It has been featured in Ayurvedic Texts which date back nearly 4000 years. When used with aromatic oils and herbs, its function is used to invigorate and improve the constitution.

The art of Head Massage was developed by Indian women, who have always been renowned for their lovely, long luxuriant hair. Together with various oils stimulating massage techniques were incorporated into this ritual. Sesame, almond, olive, mustard, and coconut oils were used as well as buttermilk and henna and were used to stimulate and refresh.

In India today it is a common sight to see Head Massage being used on street corners, in the market place or on the beach. Indian infants receive massage from birth to 3 yrs of age.

In our modern society, stress, poor eating habits, pollution, lack of exercise and fresh air all contribute to a variety of ailments settling on the head and shoulders. Indian Head Massage is a simple technique and can be practiced anywhere and all you need is a chair.