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Health Issues

Through many years of practice in my work of Holistic Natural Therapy I’ve not only enjoyed reflexology and Meridian therapy, Massage, Iridology, Shiatsu and Reiki but it has helped facilitate my working side by side with my patients and have found with the help of my knowledge and journey to Health and Healing. I have found 75% of people battling with digestive, asthma, allergy, sinus and diabetic problems and emotional issues. With research and a deep need to help my patients I dug into amazing books and read about Health and Healing the non-invasive way.

So what does one understand by Holistic Healing? It only means that Healing takes place in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of man. Ordinarily, the human body is seen as a solid, fixed, material object, rather than what it really is- an intelligent, changing, flowing river of vibrating energy, with all three aspects-physical, mental spiritual, working in synchronistic harmony to form the solid material of the physical. If any one of these aspects are out of sync or balance with the rest of the aspects, the whole body will be affected. The body can be related to a holograph with every part reflecting itself. This means that each part reflects the whole body e.g. your foot, eye, face, ears or your hand reflects the entire body.

So when treating the body with forms of holistic healing e.g. Massage or Reflexology or Indian Head Massage by merely massaging one portion of the body the entire body will benefit. I also found that together with seeing health issues on a physical level most people no matter how many diets they were on their bodies were still either obese, bloated, spastic or they were still so tired and frustrated with their bodies that just wasn’t working for them anymore and I found that working with a blood type diet made more sense to me as those with blood type O had issues of digestive and thyroid problems and blood type A had cancer and heart disease issues and if we took the blood type B, chicken had to be cut out for the benefit of better health. 

Most Blood type O’s had overweight problems and it made a lot of sense when the thyroid becomes less active then digestion becomes a problem, bearing in mind that we also have to consider other factors of health like diabetes and one can’t go entirely on a blood type diet but using it as a guide to understanding your body a little better.

"Life is an amazing journey and it not only means a relationship with people but a relationship with our body."